Renaissance Faire Gold Canyon, Arizona

March 7, 1998

This Faire was attended by Lady Langdon escorted by her First Knight, Sir Marcus from the court of Lord Clover of San Diego.

The Scottish Highland games were most entertaining with great feats of strength an agility.

The Lord Mayors Court was gracious, courteous and hospitable while regaling with food, drynk and dance.

Enchanting music was provided by the French Court from Boston.

Gold Canyon's Renaissance Village has permanent structures which gives the area an aura of an ancient town with
the types of businesses and activities that would be expected for the era.

The Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519) design amusement rides delighted the young faire goers with carnival like thrills.

The Village Blacksmith re-shoes the horses when new shoes are needed.

Pictured is the apprentice in training forging a horseshoe while the Master looks on from behind the scenes

This authentic hand built Gutenberg Press is completely operational


The happy proprieter is quite eager to demonstrate how his press works and its capabilities..


When you are in the mood for a fantasy the Gold Canyon Renaissance Faire is the place to go.

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