Welcome to my page.
These are few of the pictures I have that represents who I am.
I was born in Colunbus Ohio 09-19-64. I am now 45, 5'10" and 225lb.
I live in San Marcos with my 2 sons.

Tis a fine time to be at Faire

By your command

Me about 6 with my woodworking

My Sister and I

Shawn's Linux Cheat Sheets

Nikola Tesla - The Untold Story .

Up-to-the minute news videos.
Pop Corn téléphone portable micro-ondes.

Drinking in the bible.
Strong drink (Beer, Wine, Etc.) in the bible.
Jobey's - Water in to wine from the bible.

how to brew allgrain.
Brew links.
make stout home brew.
Brew Beer Using All Grain Method.
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